Developmental Disabilities Services


" enjoy meaningful relationships with friends, family
and others in their lives,
to experience personal health and growth, and
to live in the home of their choice and fully participate in
their communities."
from the Vision Statement
of the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities


It is this same vision of the future that Catholic Charities Community Services asks its administration and staff to focus on when working for people with developmental disabilities. Services are provided with profound respect for individuals' abilities and accomplishments and compassionate assistance that helps them achieve the things they cannot do alone. All of the services are individualized, centered on the goals and dreams of one person, and directed toward those ends.

Whether dealing with others or learning to ride the bus, preparing a tasty snack or dealing with a doctor or an employer, staff members support and encourage their clients to go as far as they can go in achieving their goals and are ready to help when help is needed.

For additional information, please contact Kathleen Termine, Developmental Disabilities Services Director, or any of the other contacts listed with a specific service below.

Service Coordination

Persons with developmental disabilities can receive service coordination, from the agency and specific staff member whom they select, to assist them in identifying their life dreams and then help them in finding ways to achieve them. Whether looking for guidance with housing opportunities, education, vocational training, employment, or accessing OPWDD individualized service programs, the Service Coordinators of Catholic Charities Community Services can help you. We offer all aspects of service coordination for individuals of all ages.

Our Service Coordinators can assist families with children who have developmental disabilities. We are experienced in facilitating the transition from children’s services through adult services. Many transition programs are available in our community, and an independent service coordinator can objectively identify opportunities and help the family choose the best program for that individual.

Our Service Coordinators are strong advocates for persons with disabilities, and they have extraordinary knowledge of programs available. We use creativity and innovation in our person-centered approach. Our Service Coordination team works together sharing an unmatched wealth of knowledge and years of experience.

Contact: Catherine Feely, Medicaid Service Coordination Supervisor


Residential Program including Staff Support Services

Persons with developmental disabilities can make their homes in one of the agency's residences (group homes). Four of the residences are in Rochester, three are in PennYan, two are in Lyons, and one each in Brighton, Webster and Greece. Our house staff members provide support in all areas of daily living, for example: personal hygiene, healthcare, nutrition, service planning, recreation and leisure activities.

These group and private living environments are staffed based on individual needs, usually having trained personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is also Nursing Support Services within the residential program which provides training, direction and oversight of residential staff by a team of registered nurses.

Most of the residents refer to their housemates as "family" or friend and that atmosphere is just the environment we strive for. Consistent services, a stable daily living experience and a comfortable, secure feeling where people are happy to come home.

Contact: Stephanie Clinton, Residential Intake

Community Living

Living with family or on their own in the community are two additional ways of living that persons with developmental disabilities may choose. Catholic Charities Community Services presently provides assistance to over 200 people living in the communities of the diocese.

For these people Community Support Services (Community Habilitation) provide assistance in areas of daily living like shopping, budgeting, banking, housekeeping, meal planning and cooking, community mobility and socialization. Services are based on each person's needs and requests and always directed to achieving as much independence as possible.

Contact: Diane Kruger, Community Habilitation

The Individual Support Services Program (ISS) is another approach to individualized service which creates independent housing opportunities for qualified persons through the use of housing options, subsidies and other services. Together with Community Support Services, many people live safely and happily on their own.

For Residents of Monroe County, NY

Our Family Support Services' grants provide recreation and transportation opportunities for low income families who are living with a family member with a developmental disability at home in Monroe County.

Contact: Diane Kruger, Family Support Services

Accessing Other Services

Whatever choice they make for living arrangements, there are many other services available to keep persons with developmental disabilities safe, secure and actively engaged while giving them access to vocational training, employment, recreation and socialization, all with the goal of reaching the greatest level of independence they can!

Service coordinators can also help families with a child with developmental disabilities when he/she is young and in school, and as he/she transitions from school to day programs or employment.


Catholic Charities Community Services' Developmental Disabilities Services is funded through the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, through several restricted funds and by general donations.