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Medical advances and treatment have changed the way we view HIV/AIDS. Although the outlook and future has improved for individuals living with HIV/AIDS, getting the right care, treatment and support is not easy. For some, the fear and feeling of isolation is overwhelming and it is difficult to reach out to family or friends.

 Catholic Charities Community Services is here to support individuals with HIV/AIDS at any stage of their diagnosis or illness. Our highly confidential services include:

  • Support and planning centered around each individual’s needs
  • Connection to health care services
  • Housing and emergency assistance
  • Transportation
  • Health education and support
  • Sensitivity around disclosure and confidentiality 

Case Management offers confidential, personalized, professional assistance in assessing needs, accessing services, providing advocacy, and crisis intervention.

Catholic Charities Community Services is the largest provider of case management services for individuals HIV/AIDS in the Finger Lakes Region. Since 1990, we have been helping individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS improve their health and quality of life. Our experienced staff are highly regarded for their expertise, knowledge and connections to the HIV/AIDS Community locally and within NY State. CCCS staff hold leading positions and fully participate in the Rochester Area Task Force on AIDS and work closely with local and statewide initiatives to End the Epidemic by 2020.