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Catholic Charities Community Services provides a variety of supportive services for people who are living with HIV/AIDS. Services are provided on an individual basis or in group settings. All services are centered on each individual’s needs to support their health and quality of life.

Support Groups for Adults and Children

In a confidential and supportive environment, participants are offered information about overall health, HIV/AIDS, other illness or factors that can impact health and well-being. Offered in a group setting, participants have the opportunity to share experiences with others who are facing similar challenges. All groups are facilitated by trained or licenced professionals and offer group members opportunities to make connections, build support systems, and discover healthy ways to face life challenges. 

Specialized groups offered include:

  • Health Education and Support for individuals living with HIV/AIDS
  • HIV affected children and youth who have a parent or other family member living with HIV/AIDS.
  • HIV+ Youth or Young Adults
  • Family affected or caring for someone with HIV/AIDS

Future Care and Custody Planning

Working collaboratively with the Volunteer Legal Service Project, this program provides free legal services and assistance to individuals living with HIV/AIDS to develop and process important documentation such as: Health Care Proxies, Living Wills, Wills, Permanency Planning, and Stand-by guardianship.

Peer Support

Knowing someone else who is living with HIV/AIDS can offer tremendous support when faced with fear and isolation. Our trained peer navigators are available to offer care and support as individuals with HIV/AIDS begin or re-enter care. Peer support provides a unique level of understanding, as peers can share their stories when faced with similar challenges.

HIV/AIDS Education 

Understanding and maintaining a treatment plan can be very difficult and even overwhelming. Getting accurate and up to date information on HIV/AIDS can be confusing. Through health education sessions, clients gain a better understanding of their illness, treatment plans and medications. Our trained health educators offer educational sessions individually or in a group setting to best meet each individual’s needs and learning level.

Behavioral Health Education

Individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS are twice as likely to experience depression or increased behavioral health issues after diagnosis. For individuals living with the stigma of HIV/AIDS, understanding related behavioral health symptoms and behaviors can escalate the fear and isolation. Through non-judgemental and compassionate support, Catholic Charities Community Services offers Behavioral Health Education aimed to assist individuals living with HIV/AIDS with understanding behavioral health symptoms and how to address them. Peer support is included in this program to support and individuals steps toward behavioral health care.